You Body Knows How To Get Pregnant, Learn How To Support It

If you’re researching what to do on your own, it can be easy to feel like you’re drowning in information. There are lots of conflicting resources and much of it even fear-producing.

But if there’s one important thing that you must understand, it’s this: although our society often suggests otherwise, fertility is a natural sign of health (just as regular, healthy periods are).

You can take a deep breath, because your body innately knows what to do. It has the tools to successfully become pregnant and grow and birth a healthy baby.

The goal is simply building the foundations of optimal health, hormone balance, and fertility, and the rest will fall into place. And if you’ve struggled with conception in any way, know that there is nothing "wrong" with you. Working to support these foundations and implement tips mentioned in my other Food Period blog posts, as well as exploring potential underlying imbalances can immensely help you to powerfully change your story.


This is an excerpt from a post written by Kim Perez, NTP (@rootandbranchnutrition) and originally published on September 5, 2019.

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