This Expectant Nutritionist Shares Her Top Fertility Tips

Kim Perez (NTP) is a functional nutritionist with a passion for helping women ride the ebbs and flows of their bodies. She's sharing her personal and professional tips from the third trimester of her first pregnancy to help you prepare for your own.
  • First off, get to know your menstrual cycle. It’s essential for overall body literacy. Start with tracking your fertility: use your calendar or an app (MyFLO, Flo, or Clue). 
  • A rise in basal body temperature occurs after you ovulate and drops when you get your period (or stays high if you get pregnant). Track your cervical mucus (and ideally, cervical position, too). You can use any thermometer that measures to 2 decimal places or a fertility tracking device like Daysy , Kindara Wink, or the Ava fertility bracelet.
  • Eating for optimal fertility (and overall health and hormone balance) may require a mindset shift away from dieting and following "food rules" to one focused on nourishing and connecting to your body. This book is Perez’s favorite about pregnancy nutrition— from preconception to postpartum.
  • If your periods are irregular or you struggle with symptoms, consider seed cycling or seed syncing. This was a habit, Perez implemented almost a year before conception and the benefits were plenty!
  • As for fitness, there are two programs she recommends (even throughout pregnancy): this one and this one. In particular, shifting your exercise around your cycle can be super impactful. You may notice an immense change in energy, motivation, mood, and even strength and recovery.
  • Mental and emotional health is critical. Stress directly impacts hormone balance and fertility and can be a roadblock to conception. 
  • Perez recommends working with an acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine doctor. It helped her regulate her cycles, get in tune with her body, and manage stress as well as deeply relax.
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This is an excerpt from a post written by Kim Perez, NTP and originally published on September 5, 2019.

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