Dr. Caleigh Sumner, ND: Fertility Acupuncture & Naturopath

Individualized Fertility Care

You will receive individualized and comprehensive care to optimize your fertility. I work with individuals and couples in any stage of their fertility journey. The most common barriers to conception are discussed below. You may identify with one of theses diagnoses, or have otherwise “unexplained infertility”. There is always an explanation in naturopathic medicine, as well as an approach to best support you, whether you choose to seek assistive reproductive technologies or pursue conception naturally.


Fertility Supplements Individualized for You

Supplements can revolutionize your fertility, and are so simple to take and use. Do NOT rely on your friend’s recommendations for the best fertility supplements; you deserve an individualized approach that will treat your unique body. Not all supplements are for everyone, and not all supplement brands have been created equally. Even the perfect prenatal vitamin can do wonders for your fertility.