Why We Exist

Founded in New York in 2017, Food Period is on mission to make effective, natural solutions for women's health challenges as easily accessible as pharmaceuticals and supplements.

Our Founders

Britt Martin was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 25. During chemotherapy, she stopped getting her period. Her doctor offered her the birth control pill to reinstate her cycle, but unwilling to use more synthetic hormones, she sought out a natural solution.

After hearing about seed syncing from multiple natural health practitioners, Britt began following the practice and after three months, her period returned without any of the PCOS-related symptoms she had previously experienced. She has had a great period ever since.

Jenn Kim lived most of her life in LA and Vancouver, although originally from South Korea. The natural health dogma of the West Coast, paired with the Korean focus on holistic remedies meant that ‘the pill’ never appealed to her either for menstrual challenges, despite being prescribed it by her doctor. When Britt, her best friend from boarding school, introduced her to seed syncing, her periods became more regular and her persistent hormonal acne completely disappeared.

The friends partnered to create a subscription-based service that helps women use natural food products to support their periods, starting with the commercialization of the seed syncing practice.

Our Mission

Women have extremely limited options for regulating their menstrual cycles and balancing their hormones. Doctors often prescribe the birth control pill to women for any period-related problem— from irregular cycles to hormonal acne. In fact, the pill is so widely prescribed that 60% of women use it for a non-contraceptive purpose.

Yet, the natural health industry offers no clear alternative. With practitioners lacking a common protocol and the supplements industry vast yet non-specific, women are left confused.

Women aren’t taught that their periods are a good indicator of overall health or that they’re a predictor of future fertility or that painful symptoms could mean they may be part of the 1-in-10 American women diagnosed with PCOS or endometriosis. 

So why then, for over half the world’s population, is the only convenient solution a pharmaceutical one? Food Period is here to change that.