Part One: Understanding Seed Syncing

This is how estrogen and progesterone should rise and fall in the female body in an ideal 28-day menstrual cycle. The trouble is that most women's bodies no longer operate as perfectly as nature designed them to.
We designed Moon Bites to help women restore the natural rhythm of their menstrual cycles, using real ingredients found in nature and following a protocol we call Seed Syncing.
Phase I, or the Follicular Phase, begins on the first day of bleeding. It is characterized by a rise in estrogen, which peaks around ovulation (often the fourteenth day). Our Cacao Moon Bite contains ingredients that both support the body in eliminating excess estrogen during Phase I and are high in zinc, to aid in the progesterone rise characteristic of Phase II.
Phase II, or the Luteal Phase, occurs after ovulation and follows with a drop in estrogen and a substantial rise in progesterone that tapers off toward the end of the cycle. Our Lemon Coconut Moon Bite is formulated with ingredients for Phase II that block excess estrogen and are high in selenium that aid in liver detoxification, which is how the body eliminates excess estrogen.
Moon Bites are not an overnight fix; it takes time and dedication to support the body to rediscover its natural rhythms. Most women can expect to have better periods, fewer symptoms, and healthier habits within three months of consuming Moon Bites daily. 
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