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What are Moon Bites?

Our Moon Bites support a women's menstrual cycle, naturally. Our product commercializes a practice used in functional nutrition called Seed Syncing.

What is Seed Syncing?

Seed Syncing, also called seed cycling, is a functional nutrition practice specifically designed to help women rebalance hormones, naturally. The practice has women eat four seedsflax, pumpkin, sunflower, and sesamein specific combinations that differ depending on which phase (follicular or luteal) of the menstrual cycle they’re in. Each seed has a micronutrient or chemical compound that supports the body’s natural ability to modulate the production and elimination of estrogen and progesterone.

Seed Syncing is commonly prescribed by integrative health practitioners, like naturopathic doctors and nutritionists, to help reduce period-related symptoms, like cramps, acne, bloating, and PMS, and improve cycle regularity.

Will Seed Syncing work for me?

Everyone’s body is different, but Seed Syncing has helped tens-of-thousands of women improve their periods. We’ve compiled scientific research on the micronutrients and chemical compounds in each seed and how they’ve been shown to improve period-related symptoms and irregularity. When you overlay that knowledge with what we know about the fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone during an ideal 28-day cycle, it makes complete sense why these four powerful seeds help women have great periods, naturally.

We recommend following the Seed Syncing practice for at least three cycles to see the full benefits. We've noticed that women that already eat healthily, exercise regularly, and manage stress well, often see results sooner. With that said, if you're struggling with a tough case of PCOS or endometriosis, you may need to be more patient with your body.

The best part of the protocol is that risks and side effectsapart from allergies to nuts and seedsare minimal. We believe that food, as medicine, should be the first line of defense when seeking to “fix” a health problem.

You can also read about how Seed Syncing has changed our lives and inspired us to start Food Period.

How long should I plan to Seed Sync for?

Natural solutions aren’t an overnight fix, so you’ll likely need to follow the seed syncing practice consistently for a minimum of three months to see full benefits. At this point, we recommend that you continue Seed Syncing for the same amount of time it took to see improvements, so that your body truly acclimatizes and you see sustained benefits.

Can I Seed Sync if I’m in perimenopause?

Seed Syncing is useful for balancing hormones for women entering or in perimenopause. Women have reported lessened symptoms, easing the transition to this new life phase.

I have PCOS. Can seed syncing help?

Although it’s likely you’ll need to use seed syncing in conjunction with other modalities, Seed Syncing is a PCOS-friendly practice that many women use to help balance hormone levels. We designed our Moon Bites to have low sugar and low carbs, so that they’re friendly for those following a PCOS-specific nutrition plan.

Can I Seed Sync if I’m pregnant?

Seed Syncing is a practice based around menstruation and women aren’t having periods while pregnant, so we recommend that you don’t seed sync during this time.

However, Seed Syncing can be a great tool to use post-partum to get back to a regular cycle. Full of amazing nutrientsfrom zinc to seleniumthese seeds can support mom and, in turn, baby!

I use birth control and/or have an IUD. Can I Seed Sync?

Definitely! We have many customers that seed sync while taking birth control and have reported symptom improvement. One of the best use cases for Seed Syncing is supporting you and your body in a transition off using hormonal birth control.

It’s important to note that when on the pill (or another form of hormonal birth control), your body isn’t producing estrogen and progesterone in the quantities it normally would. As seed syncing is designed to modulate the production and elimination of those natural hormones in your body, we’ve seen (anecdotally) that women experience greater benefits when on the pill.

I thought the seeds need to be freshly ground to be most effective, is it true?

Grinding the seeds makes the micronutrients and chemical compounds in them more bioavailable, as they’re easier for your body to digest. We freshly grind all of our seeds immediately before mixing them with our date paste, Himalayan pink salt, and rosemary extract, which are all natural preservatives that reduce oxidation and maintain nutrient integrity in the seeds.  

About Moon Bites

Why are they called Moon Bites?

We called them Moon Bites to honor the historic connection between women’s menstrual cycles and the lunar cycle. Before we invented artificial light, women’s periods used to follow the lunar cycle. Imagine, all women used to get their period at the New Moon!

Are your products organic?

Yes, we’re committed to sourcing organic ingredients for our Moon Bites. Industrial chemicals and pesticides wreak havoc on women’s hormones and consuming them daily would defeat the purpose of a product like ours.

I have food allergies or sensitivities. Who can I speak to?

Please review the ingredient lists above. Although our products are free from gluten, grains, dairy, soy, peanuts, and refined sugar, cross-contamination is possible as Moon Bites are made in a facility that may use these ingredients. Don’t hesitate to email us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

I accidentally ate two packs of Moon Bites. What should I do now?

We specifically designed Moon Bites to be delicious, but if you accidentally eat more than your daily serving, don’t stress. It’s the consistency that is key! We’d recommend skipping the next day and trying to keep on track with one pack per day.

What else can I eat to help support my cycle?

We suggest eating Moon Bites as a supplement to a nutrient-dense, real-food diet. When you support your body with proper nutrition, your body is better able to absorb and utilize the hormone-balancing properties in the seeds. We recommend a diet full of veggies, consciously-sourced protein, healthy fats, sprouted seeds and grains, and lots of water. You can forward any specific nutrition or food-related questions to

How long do Moon Bites last?

In cool weather, Moon Bites are best before 90 days, if kept in a cool, dark place. If you refrigerate them (or even freeze them), they can last up to 180 days. In the summer, if your home gets hot, we recommend refrigerating them to maintain optimal freshness.

What are the macronutrients?

How to Eat Moon Bites

I’m not getting a period, how should I follow the seed syncing practice with Moon Bites?

We suggest starting with your Phase 1 Moon Bites on the first day of the New Moon, then switching to Phase 2 Moon Bites at the Full Moon (14 days later). Similarly, depending when you get your Moon Bites, you can start with Phase 2 first if the Full Moon is nearer and then switch to Phase 1 at the New Moon.

Although it sounds a little woo-woo, syncing with the lunar cycle is not without historic context. Before the invention of artificial light, which threw-off our circadian rhythms, the majority of women menstruated at the New Moon.

Check out our Moon Calendar here.


Should I start taking Phase 1 Moon Bites if I’m spotting or wait until I get my full period?

We’d recommend that you wait to start Phase 1 Moon Bites until your full period begins. With that said, you know your body best, so if the first day of your period always consists of spotting, start taking your Moon Bites then.

Do I have to eat it at the same time everyday?

Consistency is key, so although it doesn’t matter if you take your Moon Bites in the morning, mid-afternoon, or before bed, we recommend setting a consistent time- like with your mid-morning coffee- so that you don’t forget.


Do you offer same day delivery?

Unfortunately, no. But we’re based in New York, so if you want to swing by our office to pick your Moon Bites up, we always love meeting our subscribers (and can refund you your shipping cost).

Do you ship internationally?

We ship anywhere USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL can deliver. We have customers all around the world!

How quickly will my order ship?

During the week, you can expect your order to ship within 24-48 hours. If you order on a weekend or holiday, please allow for up-to 72 hours for shipment.

How will I know when my order has shipped?

You’ll receive an automatic email notification, set with tracking information, once your order has been fulfilled and shipped.

How can I change my Moon Bite flavors each month?

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How can I suspend my subscription for a couple months?

Login to your Customer Portal on our website:
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How can I cancel my subscription?

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