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Our Moon Bites are specially formulated to support your hormones, naturally.
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When I stopped taking hormonal birth control I stopped getting a period. I waited a few months to see if it would come back, and when it didn't, I started Moon Bites in hopes it would help my period would come back naturally... And after 161 days it came back!


Media Specialist
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Chip


After being on hormonal birth control for almost 18 years, I wanted a holistic way to aid my body as I planned to transition off the Pill in July 2018. I started using Moon Bites in May 2018 and have been hooked ever since!


Labor Relations Manager
Location: Columbus, OH
Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Chip


When I first discovered Food Period I had no idea it was even an option to not be on the pill to manage my cycle. After being on the pill for 15 years and then not having any bleeding for 7 months, I finally had my first natural period. As an athlete and fitness enthusiast, Moon Bites make me feel empowered, my health is in my own hands and it is beyond exciting to effectively manage symptoms naturally.


User Experience Designer & Personal Trainer
Location: Wheeling, WV
Favorite Flavor: Vanilla Almond and Chocolate Hazelnut


I started using Food Period because my cycle length kept getting shorter (22 days). Moon Bites have lengthened my cycle, drastically helped my skin, and my cramps are very slight (only on the first day of my period). I barely notice my period these days and I never thought that would happen!


Community Planning and Development Representative, Nutrition Coach, & Fitness Instructor
Location: Pittsburg, PA
Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Chip


I have been off of birth control for almost 2 years. Immediately after getting off of it my hair fell out like in CLUMPS 200-300 strands a day (I counted it), my skin broke out like I was 12 going through puberty again, I had night hot flashes and I got my blood tested, my testosterone was high, progesterone was low and my libido was non-existent. Fast forward about a year, I started seed syncing, it was hard to manage on my own and my friend recommended Food Period to me. I now see maybe 10-15 strands of hair fall out daily, I do not experience hot flashes at night, my skin is glowing, my libido is high and my blood test results are in the normal range again. Seed syncing is the real deal! I get married this fall and honestly, Food Period has been the biggest blessing getting my hormones in check before we start trying for a family right away.

— Kelly Cordio

Lifestyle Nutrition Coach @ rising tide performance
Location: Oconomowoc, WI
Favorite Flavor: Vanilla Almond


I love that Moon Bites are made with healthy wholesome ingredients. Instead of buying various organic seeds and somehow incorporating them into my meal, getting started with Moon Bite made everything easier because they are so yummy and convenient! My hormone levels plummeted somehow and my doctor told me to gain weight and discontinue the exercise. I felt confused and worried but wanted to do anything I can do for my body. It’s been four months since I’ve been enjoying Moon Bites, and my new blood test result shows that my hormone levels increased significantly!

— Kyu. K

Marketing Manager
Location: Manhattan, NY
Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Cherry

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