Adding More Carbs To Your Diet Can Help Promote Fertility

Nutrition is imperative for fertility and preconception for so many reasons. For one, our hormones are made from nutrients we get from food. And there are specific nutrients needed for a healthy menstrual cycle and even for ovulation to occur. As well, our blood sugar balance, which is highly affected by the foods we eat, directly impacts our hormones and periods.

When eating to support the body in the preconception phase, giving the body optimal fuel and nutrients is key. This means ditching restrictive diets, especially those low in carbs or fats and focusing less on calories and more on nutrients and food quality. Not eating enough food overall (especially carbs) is one of the main hindrances to ovulation. Simply aim to eat regular meals and listen to your hunger and fullness signals, as well as your cravings.

If your periods are irregular or you struggle with symptoms, consider seed cycling or seed syncing. 

And lastly, starting a quality prenatal vitamin 3-6 months before conception is a good idea.


This is an excerpt from a post written by Kim Perez, NTP (@rootandbranchnutrition) and originally published on September 5, 2019.

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