Why This Chiropractor Decided To Freeze Her Eggs

This is an excerpt from a post written by Dr. Keren Day, DC, a Doctor of Chiropractic and the Founder and Chief Innovative Officer of Racked Stretch. Check her out on Instagram:

A huge factor that always played a big part in my considerations for the future were children. What kind of career could I have that would allow me the flexibility to love what I do and create a family at the same time?

My career is focused on health and wellness and, as you can imagine, I treat an array of patients. Included in that demographic are women much like myself: educated professionals, over 30, and single (or not quite ready to start a family). 

But freezing my eggs was never something I gave much thought too. It was not really spoken about. As I got older, and further into my career, I started getting more questions from my single, female patients about when they should consider freezing their eggs.

At the age of 33, I went to my gynecologist's office and she asked if I was dating someone seriously. I answered honestly and explained that I was dating, but no one “special”. She told me I was getting older and that it was time to think about freezing my eggs. The conversation raced in my mind over and over again. I felt old and as if I failed at achieving something I had been trying to create my entire life.

Two weeks later, I spoke with a patient of mine who was going through the process. She was extremely open and honest with her reasoning. She said she was recently divorced and knew she wanted to have more children, but was not in a stable relationship yet. She froze them thinking about the future.

That conversation made me feel more open to the process. It was no longer about being old, but more of an opportunity to help support my future. I may never need to use those eggs, but it would be nice to have them to help— just in case— and would help eliminate the pressure or fear that I would lose my “window”.

I waited a couple of years to do the procedure; my reasoning was multifaceted. I’m telling you my side to give you an understanding of my situation at the time in the hopes that my story helps give more women a voice and a choice.

The considerations as far as timing were to do with money and preparation. I needed to ensure I could take a bit of time off of work, navigate my emotional changes from the hormones, and prepare my body in a way that made me feel comfortable.

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