How To Find A Health Practitioner That Is Right For You


At this point, we likely wouldn’t eat at a restaurant without consulting the trifecta of Google, Yelp, and Open Table, so why should our healthcare be any different?

Don’t be afraid to search for what you’re looking for, read reviews, ask questions, and consult FAQ’s. A little extra digging now will go a long way later!



Social media is a huge mode of communication; but it’s not all dog photos, envy-inducing vacation shots, and food stills. Amidst the personal accounts, tons of practitioners are establishing themselves on accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

Not sure where to start? Check out some of the amazing practitioners that we’ve featured on our feed.

Also, remember: hashtags are your friends! Searching for keywords in the form of hashtags will lead you to even more practitioner accounts to check out.  


How are we ever going to reduce the stigma surrounding women’s health issues if we don’t talk to each other?! Found an amazing practitioner recently? Share it!

In search of someone that will take you seriously? Ask around! Chances are, somebody in your network has already done the due-diligence and can save you time and effort.


This is an excerpt from a post written by Sabina Braverman, MPA and originally published on August 29, 2019.


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