Use This List Of Hormone Balancing Foods For Your Next Grocery Shop

Below are some examples of hormone-balancing foods that would be great to incorporate into your diet. Keep this list handy and take it with you the next time you're at the store or the farmers market:

 Clean Protein:

  • Legumes
  • Nut & Seeds
  • Grass-Fed Collagen
  • Wild-Caught Fish
  • Well-Raised Meat & Eggs (antibiotic & hormone free, no GMO feed)
    • Includes Grass-Fed Beef, Free-Range Chicken, Pastured Pork, Organ Meat (especially rich in Iron and nutrients)

Complex Carbs:

  • Fruit
  • Root Veggies
  • Squash
  • Legumes
  • Ancient Grains
  • Whole Grains

Fresh Produce

  • Fruits & veggies of all colors 

Healthy Fats:

  • Raw Nuts & Seeds (can be soaked overnight and dehydrated for easier digestion)
  • Nut Butters
  • Olive Oil & Olives 
  • Coconut Oil & Coconut
  • Avocado Oil & Avocados
  • Wild Pacific Salmon
  • Rainbow Trout (Not Farmed)
  • Dark Chocolate 

To read more posts about all-things nutrition, check out our dedicated section to the topic on our blog, Period Matters. Our seed syncing can help you balance your hormones naturally too, shop our organic moon seeds or moon bites.

This is an excerpt from a post written by Dr. Meghan McNaughton, ND, a Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest in women's health, fertility, and digestion. She works with her patients to identify the underlying cause and barriers that are preventing them from reaching their health goals. Check her out on Instagram. Abridged content curated and edited by Nayla Al-Mamlouk. 

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