Mammography Screening Recommendations From The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society suggests the following screening recommendations based on an individual's risk of developing breast cancer


No personal history of breast cancer, no breast cancer associated genetic mutation, and no family history of breast cancer.

  • Age 40-45: Option to start screening every year
  • Age 45-54: Mammogram every year
  • Age 55+: Mammogram every other year


Have a known BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation, have a first degree relative with a BRCA mutation, have a personal history of breast cancer, have extremely dense breast tissue.

  • Age 30+: Screening every year with MRI AND Mammogram.

Yearly mammography screenings (if eligible) isn't the only way to save lives and detect breast cancer early! Be sure to pay attention to the typical appearance and feel of your breasts. If you notice an area or symptom of concern, seek help from your physician! Your physician will likely:

  1. Perform a Physical Examination
  2. Listen to Your Symptoms and Evaluate Your Family History
  3. If An Area of Concern is Located, They May Choose to Biopsy For More Information.


This is an excerpt from a post written by Food Period and originally published on October 10, 2019.

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