Practitioners Provide 8 Natural Remedies For PMS

Tired of dealing with PMS symptoms? Check out these fantastic tips:

  1. Foods to Eat: 
    1. Enjoy magnesium rich foods to help relax your uterus, and yes, that means dark chocolate counts!
    2. Cruciferous vegetables to help the body properly metabolize estradiol.
    3. Foods high in fiber to encourage the daily elimination of excess estrogen and avoid coffee, alcohol, and foods high in sugar which will cause fluctuations in blood sugar, worsening symptoms.
    4. Anti-inflammatory foods and a low histamine diet in the luteal phase especially.
    5. Up your protein intake in the second half of your cycle. The vitamin B6 content in lean meats is helpful for combating PMS.
  2. Support Ovulation with Seeds (seed-syncing). Low progesterone levels can cause breast tenderness, bloating, loose stool, and insomnia around your period. Flaxseed and organic soy help balance high and low estrogen levels. Sunflower seeds also naturally boost progesterone. (Check out Food Period's Moon Bites and Moon Seeds).
  3. Try supplementing with a B-complex vitamin and magnesium glycinate throughout your cycle to ease anxiety and mood swings in the days leading up to your period.  
  4. Get more sleep. Aim for at least 8-9 hours a night the week before your period and you will likely have reduced symptoms.
  5. Manage your stress. Chronic stress directly interferes with our hormones, especially those that control our cycle. 
  6. Track your symptoms using the Daily Record of Severity of Problems. It’ll give you an idea of which symptoms are worse before your period and that will give you and your doc an idea of what treatment will work best for you!
  7. Test your hormones on days 3 and 21 of your cycle. PMS is often caused by hormonal imbalance which can be remedied. 
  8. Treat your body well all month long and not just the week before your period!


Our free hormonal health eBook is filled with tips from endocrinology specialists, registered nutritional dietitians, registered nurses, life coaches and more. The eleven passionate practitioners that contributed to this post are: 
Jolinda Johnson (CHHC), Cory Levin (MS, RDN), Dr. Meghan McNaughton (ND),  Amanda Montalvo (RD), Dr. Alexsia Priolo (ND), Dr. Caleigh Sumner (ND), Tracy Beckerman (MS, RDN), Kathryn Flynn (B.Ed), Jenna Longoria (FDN-P), Kim Perez (MA, NTP), Megan Tantillo ( RN)

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