Start With These First Steps, If You Think You Have PCOS

First of all, know that you are not alone. Read a personal testimonial from the incredible Kayla Jade (aka @thepcosbible) here, where she shares her journey with getting her PCOS diagnosis.

Second, Dr. Priolo, a Naturopathic doctor with a strong focus on hormonal health and its impact on menstrual health and fertility, has some great advice for what to do if you suspect that you have PCOS.

According to her, if you have an inkling that you may have PCOS, but, aren’t 100% sure, there are a couple things you can do:

  • Track your period.
  • Figure out if you ovulate each month.
  • Get your blood work done.
  • Talk to your medical doctor about an ultrasound if either of the first 2 criteria may not be an issue (ie. blood work is optimal).


This is an excerpt from a post written by Food Period and originally published on October 10, 2019.

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