Prioritize Mental And Emotional Wellbeing When Trying To Get Pregnant

Stress directly impacts hormone balance and fertility and can be a roadblock to conception.

When we’re in a state of chronic stress, the body's main focus is survival... definitely not procreation. It’s going to halt ovulation and sex hormone production to hinder fertility.

This makes stress management an absolutely crucial part of supporting fertility and preparing for pregnancy. 

Reflect on all the things causing you stress and make a list of your stressors. Is there anything on that list that you can change? Can you shift your priorities or your schedule to make things work a little more smoothly? Can you ask for help with or delegate to someone else entirely? Or is there anything completely outside of your control that you could let go of stressing about?

Another way to counteract the effects of stress is to implement healthy coping mechanisms. Especially when embarking on this new journey, the best place to start is your mind. How you perceive stress and, therefore, react to it is key.

If you can look to stress as a challenge instead of a setback or can find the positives instead of only focusing on the negatives, you will be able to handle stress more effectively. Practicing gratitude also strongly counteracts stress. Ideally, find a few things you can add daily to cultivate a stress-management routine.

And here’s another thing to remember: obsession and striving for perfection are forms of stress that can negatively affect your body and impede upon your conception journey.


This is an excerpt from a post written by Kim Perez, NTP (@rootandbranchnutrition) and originally published on September 5, 2019.

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