Hormonal Birth Control's Relationship With Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals

Hormonal birth control contains synthetic hormones that are designed to disrupt our normal hormone function to avoid pregnancy. Even though they are known hormone disruptors, they typically are not mentioned alongside personal care products and plastics, but if we’re working on getting rid of hormone-disrupting chemicals, we need to address hormonal birth control.

This doesn’t mean that stopping hormonal birth control is right for you; only you can make that decision. This is about being educated and making informed decisions.

If you want to learn more about how hormonal birth control impacts the body, you can check out this blog post and read about possible side effects in this post. If you want tips for transitioning off hormonal birth control you can read more here.

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This is an excerpt from a post written by Amanda Montalvo, RD, FDN-P, an Integrative Dietitian that runs Your Non Toxic Life: a blog, nutrition consulting service, and Facebook group that helps women detoxify their minds and bodies and balance their hormones. Abridged content curated and edited by Nayla Al-Mamlouk.

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