7 Ways to Naturally Address Dysmenorrhea

We asked leading practitioners from around the world for their best tips on how to alleviate the pain associated with dysmenorrhea and guess what? We put them all in one place just for you:

  1. Eliminate Dairy, add Zinc, magnesium glycinate and GLA. Normal period pain responds well to a combination of a dairy-free diet plus a zinc supplement. CBD oil is helpful too. 
  2. Hydrate! Keep yourself hydrated throughout your cycle, but especially during your period. Maybe add freshly grated ginger and lemon slices to ease pain and reduce bloating.
  3. Make sure you’re loading up on omega-3-fatty acids to reduce prostaglandins, the lipid compounds responsible for cramps.
  4. Reduce Inflammation. Painful periods are caused by inflammation in the body, so to reduce pain focus on reducing inflammation. This can be done by reducing alcohol, processed food, and sugar, while including lots of healthy fats (including omega 3s), fresh fruit and veggies, and spices such as ginger and turmeric.
  5. Watch for Hormone Disrupting Toxins. Reduce plastics in your life-- they contain xenoestrogens that can actually impact estrogen levels in the body and make periods more painful. We have a whole section of the Period Matters blog dedicated to tips on eliminating toxins
  6. Adjust your schedule. Live according to your natural ebbs and flows. Our periods are a time where our bodies naturally need more rest. Overextending yourself and pushing past your limits during this time can exacerbate symptoms and overall, make you feel terrible- not just during your period but throughout your whole cycle! 
  7. Applying heat or working through yoga poses like cat, cobra and fish may provide some relief. But how painful is your period? Are you noticing tolerable cramping, or are you curled up in a fetal position unable to go to school or work? If it's the latter, there might be something underlying going on.


Our free hormonal health eBooks are filled with tips from endocrinology specialists, registered nutritional dietitians, registered nurses, life coaches and more. The seven passionate practitioners that contributed to this post are: 
Dr. Lara Briden (ND)Jolinda Johnson (CHHC), Cory Levin (MS, RDN), Jenna Longoria (HHC, AADP), Dr. Meghan McNaughton (ND), Amanda Montalvo (RD), Kim Perez (MA, NTP), Dr. Alexsia Priolo (ND), Kelli Shallal (MPH, RD), Megan Tantillo (RN). Abridged content curated and edited by Nayla Al-Mamlouk. 

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