Your Partner's Lifestyle Habits Also Affect Fertility

There are many different ways to optimize sperm health, like eating a nutrient-dense diet or getting those swimmers checked out. But below is an additional list of 3 other important factors you may not have considered.

1. Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Cigarettes and alcohol have been linked to decreased sperm production and increased sperm abnormalities. So hello, mocktail hour!

Make sure neither of you are smoking cigarettes! As for the sperm-producing partner, 5 drinks a week is fine. Anymore than that, you gotta cut back.

2. Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine may lead to a lower sperm count. If it's too hard to go cold turkey,  limit caffeine to less than 200mg a day (equal to about 1 cup of coffee). Or, switch to black tea or half-caff first!

But if you want to be a sperm-producing superstar, it’s best to cut out caffeine entirely. Luckily, Moon Mylks are the best way to boost your energy and mood without caffeine (and the Maca Cacao blend may help out with things in the bedroom too)!

3. High Temperature

Keep those family jewels cool! Sperm production occurs at a very specific temperature, and overheating testicles can impede the process.

This means wearing comfy, loose-fitting clothing and boxers, instead of briefs will ensure that testicles stay at a cooler temperature. Yay for comfort! Though, saunas and hot tubs more than twice a week for 15 minutes are out of the equation now...

Also, if having a laptop on your lap is common practice, stop it now! Switch to using a desk— it’s probably better for your productivity anyway.

So if you didn’t know already, sperm health is SUPER important to your fertility journey. And I’m not saying this to shame men (or sperm-producing partners), but oftentimes, women (or child-bearing partners) often solely blame themselves in the struggle to conceive.

This is an excerpt from a post written by Cory Ruth, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist and womxn’s health expert. Founder of the private practice and digital platform The Women’s Dietitian, Cory helps those seeking nutritional support in hormone balance, fertility, digestion, and weight management. 
Abridged content curated and edited by Jean Lin. Expanded to contain additional inclusive language and context.





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